Free HTML&CSS workshops for beginners

We've already organized two editions of workshops in Warsaw.
On 19th April 2017 we started the 3rd edition, consisting of 9 classes.

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What do we offer?

All the cool things! More details below.

A short intro

We're The Awwwesomes - an organization gathering all the people who want to learn how to create awesome things on the Web.

Currently, we're organizing free and totally non-profit HTML & CSS workshops for beginners.

The whole course consists of nine 2-hour lessons (in total it's 18 hours = 1080 minutes of pure fun with front-end development!) and is be held in Polish.

Apart from coding workshops, we also organize meetups for designers and developers, taking part in Warsaw.

Who is our audience?

We decided to create workshops for people:

  • Who are graphic designers and want to finally learn how to code their designs,
  • Who have their own blogs or websites, but have no idea how to edit the layout,
  • Who are back-end developers and would like to discover the power of front-end,
  • Who dream about having a new profession and front-end development is one of them,
  • Who will inspire us and prove that HTML & CSS is what they need.

Our course is held in Polish.

Nevertheless, if you are interested to become our partner, don't hesitate and contact us immediately.

We're having many plans for the future, so let's stay in touch!

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Who stands behind the organization?

Meet the founders of The Awwwesomes

Aga Naplocha

Aga Naplocha

Designer & front-end dev at Adobe. Her favourite prototyping tool is HTML & CSS. She loves eating. In her free time, she tries learning how to sew. The Awwwesomes is a great chance for her to create a community of people fascinated by Web Design & Development.

Twitter Agnieszki Strona WWW Agnieszki

Marta Sztybor

Marta Sztybor

Front-end Developer at 10Clouds. Marta likes to keep her CSS code clean and she's mad about it. In her spare time, she usually visits new places with books - her good companions. Marta treats The Awwwesomes as an opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Twitter Marty Strona WWW Marty

2 www languages which we will teach - HTML&CSS

20 awesome participants ready for challenges

9 2-hour classes full of fun & cool things


Where we had been meeting

The classes of the 3rd edition took place at Google Campus Warsaw - thanks a lot Campus Warsaw for making your space available for us!

Google Campus Warszawa

ZÄ…bkowska St. 33C, 03-736 Warsaw

Strona WWW Google Campus Warszawa

Partners of the 2nd edition

Special thanks to